Products in Development


Brazzein is a natural high-intensity sweet protein, from the tropical fruit of Pentadiplandra brazzeana, expressed in maize [1]. The brazzein protein is 500 to 2,000 times sweeter than sucrose and is highly stable. It is  a natural sweetener that can be used alone or blended in food or beverages with other sweeteners such as sucrose.


Aprotinin is an animal-free source of recombinant bovine aprotinin expressed in maize [2]. The recombinant product is chemically and functionally equivalent to the native product and can be used in cell culture, research and other non-clinically regulated industries.

Hepatitis B Booster Vaccine

Hepatitis B Booster Vaccine is an orally-delivered booster vaccine to complement current injected primary vaccines [3-5]. This product is heat stable and can be transported or stored at ambient temperatures for extended periods of time without loss of activity.